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When is your child too sick for school?
Parenting Styles


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When is your child too sick for school?

Children in child care or preschool have a higher chance of getting sick because they're around more children more often. To help decrease the chance of passing on colds and other viruses, parents with children who have a contagious illnesses should keep a sick child home. This, however, is sometimes more complicated than it sounds. By the time certain illnesses (such as virus-associated rashes) are diagnosed, a child may no longer be contagious and can usually return to child care or preschool right away.


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I have added an ad about my accredited family child care program to Thumbtack if you are not familiar with take a look at our ad and perhaps you will find it helpful to share information about your business or to locate a product or service which you are interested in finding.

Best Steps Family Child Care is the SBA 2012 Home Based Business Champion for 2012 we are continually looking for ways to improve our services and to help other small business like ourselves.

Parenting Styles

Well, here goes my first blog post.  I have had many of you telling me for some time that I needed to share my view points, wisdom, and knowledge gained from the school of hard knocks.  Eighteen years as a family child care provider and thirty-two years as a parent, and now a grandmother of three has given me some insights and philosophies that help to make me who I am. 

Albeit, many days I feel like Shrek a misunderstood ogre.  Some days I seem to have the job of being the daycare policeman, when I get to take the toy or the treat at the door.
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